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Norton Security Premium

About Norton Security Premium Free

Norton Antivirus Premium Free download is available in many versions because the company developing it has produced a set of copies of the program, each of which performs a set of its own tasks so that each user chooses the appropriate version or program for him to download and use, and we will mention some of these versions in the following :

Norton Security Standard: It is the usual version that most users download as it is suitable for personal use, meaning that the program is only intended to work on one device only, as it provides full protection for any user's device and this program has many features that enable you to get rid of any virus Whatever its type.

Norton Security Deluxe: It is a more advanced version than the previous version as it can protect more than one device at the same time. By downloading this program and using it, you can provide full protection for 5 different devices, which is a very important feature that some small companies use to protect their data. They are on more than one device.

Norton Security Premium: It is a very wonderful and advanced version where you can, through this version of the program, provide protection for up to 10 devices, where through this program you will be able to fight viruses on all these devices and provide security for all the information on them and the program also provides It is called a secure cloud storage which is a very important feature.


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Features Norton Security Premium Free

Application for mobile phones: The Norton Antivirus program is available in a version for mobile phones, as the program supports Android and iPhone devices. Therefore, you can download this program at any time from the Google Play application store so that you can check your phone at any time and fight viruses on it and also you will be able to close your phone by sending a message To him, in the event that it is stolen, which ensures the safety of your information and data, away from attempts to access it.

Safe browsing for Facebook: Norton Antivirus supports scanning the Facebook wall feature as it checks your account on Facebook to detect any viruses or spyware and get rid of them permanently. Therefore, by using this program you will be able to browse Facebook in a safe way without worrying about any Hacking or other espionage attempts.
 High speed performance: Norton Antivirus is one of the fastest anti-virus programs, as when you download the Norton Antivirus Free Download program, you will find that it does not consume much of your device's resources, as it does not work continuously to slow down the speed of your device, but it only works when needed, it exhales operations A quick check of your device to ensure its safety and the integrity of all your files and data.
Compatible with systems: Norton Antivirus is available in many versions that support a wide range of operating systems on which users' computers work, as it supports all different Windows systems such as Windows 10 and other operating systems that are currently widespread, so whatever your operating system you will be able to Download Norton Antivirus 2020 Full Version Free and use it at any time.
Automatic update: The "Norton" anti-virus program is updated continuously, as many features and capabilities are added that preserve the program's place among the rest of the anti-virus programs. Therefore, the program is automatically updated when an Internet connection is available to ensure that you own the Norton Antivirus program latest version. You can download Norton Internet Security.

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